AW15 Trend Alert: Kenzo Socks & Sandals

The phrase few of us want to hear: “Socks and Sandals” will be a full blown thing come Autumn/Winter. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not describing the pitiful European tourist trend of Birkenstocks with some random pair of socks, no, I’m talking about a well-thought out pairing of socks and heeled open-toed sandals. This allows those of us with an unnatural adoration for shoes regardless of season to wear those croc print Wangs all year round.

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Kenzo AW15

So I was beyond psyched to be invited to the Kenzo AW15 Women’s collection at Paris Fashion Week. The show was beyond *throws head back in disbelief*. The entire collection is camo fire but one thing in particular I loved was the socks/sandals marriage happening.

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The red Python sandals paired with the maroon and black socks particularly made me hyperventilate – Kenzo you do things to me.

Where can I put my name down? I will do unspeakable things to get my hands on this Kenzo combo …and I’m not ashamed.

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