Insta Inspo: RiRi

Girl,  is KILLING IT. Honestly, RiRi could wear anything and slay. She could wear the handles of an Aldi carrier bag, a single trouser leg, two ironing boards strapped to her feet embellished with chia seeds, and STILL kill it. Lord I pray one day I will be able to slay at least just half as well as RiRi does. Who else could pull of wearing just Swarovski crystals? This girl is too much *throws head back in adoration*.

YAAAS BITCH. Image from @badgalriri’s instagram account.

Rihanna: Insta Queen

RiRi performed her new single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ (Bitch, I do) at the iHeartRadio music awards on Sunday night. First of all, she performed in front of a full-scale replica helicopter….so gangster, so chic, so Versailles. Second of all, she wore an incredible black and emerald/leprechaun green outfit which almost brought me to tears. This outfit makes me want to swear profusely in such a way that a coach swears when his team wins the Super Bowl. I only want to know what went through the other celebrities’ minds when RiRi pimp walked into the room, metaphorically snatching weaves with her outfit, I feel like a lot of “I need to fire my stylist” happened.

This outfit is the greatest example of outfit elevators: simple black dress amped up with single colour matching fur jacket, boots, necklace and glasses.


This girl is it. Image from @badgalriri’s instagram account.


The jacket (which I think is Alpaca but the photos aren’t HD enough for me to tell), boots, glasses and choker are all Versace. God bless you Donatella.

Rihanna is the trap queen.

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