OOTD Paris Edition: Super Versailles

I went home (Palace of Versailles) today and it was pretty amazing though the journey there certainly was not. I don’t know about you, and maybe it’s just my terrible knowledge of geography but I always got the impression Versailles was just outside Paris. And by ‘just outside Paris’ I mean still in Paris. Versailles is some hour or so journey away from actual Paris and when we finally arrived there were no taxis and I wasn’t about to be a part of Taken 4 and get snatched cause I ended up jumping into a stranger’s car I thought was a taxi. So we walked. If you know me I don’t walk, so that was bad anyways.

Versailles is impressive, so impressive I coined a phrase after it, and you should go if you haven’t, but get a driver (you’ll thank me).

Typical flasher pose in Versailles – classy girl.

I couldn’t just go with any old look for Versailles so I had to go with something next level. To be honest I started off with a simple all black outfit and added 3 outfit elevators (if these words are causing you to furrow your little brows click here): military jacket, Python sneakers and a harness.

Feel like I should be in the “Run the World (Girls)” video – its a good feeling.

I felt pretty bossy (Kelis bossy) in this outfit and I think it was a pretty apt choice. Sometimes I just out-Versailles myself…

Background song for this insane look: Bossy-Kelis

OOTD Details

Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Polo neck black shirt: Uniqlo
Harness: Giuseppe Zanotti
Trousers/Leggings: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Hermès
Shoes: Versace

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