Outfit Elevators

Going up? Hell yes (and not just on a Tuesday). “Outfit Elevators” are those pieces in your wardrobe which have the magical ability to take a very simple, casual or even (almost, but never) plain outfit to the next level.

I’ve whittled it down to my favourite 3 outfit elevators which do an excellent job of taking an outfit from a 6 to a 10.

1. The Military Jacket

Military Jacket by Gucci, image from Gucci.com

The military jacket (MJ) is forever in style and makes a basic outfit slay. Even wearing the most casual outfit, when paired with an overly-embroided MJ makes it look like you’ve thought about the outfit waaaayy more than you actually did (you sly dog, you). Gucci has come out with a hot military jacket (£2720) and Ralph Lauren releases a new signature MJ every year (I’ve started a little collection).

Sidenote: A military jacket is the perfect tribute to the real MJ…just don’t assume you can dance like him when you don one of these jackets, it will be embarrassing for all of us.

2. Statement Shoes

The parrot is a good elevator too… Shoes by Aquazzura, image from Aquazzura.com

Whether lace-up Aquazzuras, embellished Loubs or metal-panelled Giuseppes, shoes are the easiest way to hype up and outfit and crank up the jealousy a few notches. A single colour outfit will turn head with a contrasting pair of heels e.g all black everything outfit with exotic print coral heels. The addition of heels means that this is an easy way to kill outfit-wise (hopefully not any other way) on a night out and versatile enough to go from day-to night with ease.

3. Knock-out Rings

Fashion Queen, Daphne Guinness’ rings. Image from awhitecarousel.com

Rings that can double up as self-defense mechanisms also triple up as boss outfit elevators. They supply an unexpected edge of ferocity to simple looks, and don’t be shy to stack your rings until you can no longer undertake physical tasks and you’ve over-stacked so much it is impractical (a la Daphne Guinness). Rings don’t only have to be for weddings. They make such a difference to pretty much every outfit and completes the overall look, no matter who you are. Companies such as jacobs the jeweller know the importance of rings when it comes to accessorising. You can’t go wrong with them and that’s what’s so exciting. A bonus item to boost that outfit is for sure a watch! WatchShopping have a great range of lovely watches that’ll boost any outfit!

Let me know in the comments if you have any outfit elevators that you use to trick people into thinking you’re well put-together 24/7.

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