Savage Beauty: My Favourite Alexander McQueen Looks.

So, the Savage Beauty exhibition is officially in full swing at the V&A museum, here in London. The exhibition is open until the 2nd August and although I haven’t been to see it yet (you have that wonderful post to look forward to) in celebration of its opening I thought I’d post about my all-time fave Alexander McQueen looks whilst Lee was still with us. Here goes…

My Fave Alexander McQueen

1. From AW06: “The Widows of Culloden”


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Look at it. So elegant and beautiful, the carefully placed gatherings grazing the floorboards of the catwalk. It was sexy and graceful but modest. It was bridal but would have slayed on the red carpet. McQueen knew how to dress a woman, demonstrated perfectly here by the form fitting structure of the dress that was unassuming but still fierce as hell.

Btw I need that headdress, it is life. And I can also hit my enemies in the face with it by accident…lol. TWO FOR ONE!

2. From AW09: “The Horn of Plenty”


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This look is Cruella De Vil on steroids and post fur rehab. Commanding attention from the moment it enters your view, the houndstooth and diagonal stripes oddly work well together with the ruffles on that perfectly tailored blazer. Look at that goddamn peplum and the GODDAM COLLAR. I can’t. It’s incredible on too many levels. The headpiece is animalistic in a way that looks…maybe even aquatic? And it works unexpectedly well with the rest of the look. Lord help me, I may not finish this post from the heart palpitations…

3. From SS10: “Plato’s Atlantis”

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Ok, arguably my favourite look  because I’m a magpie and I love anything that shines/shimmers/sparkles. The final look of one of Lee Alexander McQueen’s last collections shimmered down the runway in those armadillo/lobster claw heels. It was perfect in so many ways:

  • The hair matched the Pluto’s Atlantis theme on another level of creative genius
  • The structure of the dress paired with the skin tight matching leggings and topped off with the enormous heels created an incredible silhouette…makes me wanna light a cigarette (if you don’t get that reference listen to more Kanye)
  • The scaly iridescent effect of the whole look was aquatic and fierce in a way that slayed every fictional mermaid (soz Ariel)

McQueen was a true fashion genius, he lived his art and it showed every season. He will continue to be missed. R.I.P Lee Alexander McQueen.

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