SS15: Grey Spring – How to do Sports Luxe.

Disclaimer: I have made the commitment not to make a 50 Shades of Grey pun in this post, but I can’t promise anything.

One of my many obsessions is neoprene. Yes, I know it’s weird to have an obsession with a fabric but it’s just so versatile. It’s Sports Luxe, which I’m always a fan of (not that I actually actively engage in any form of sport but it’s whatever), it holds its shape so perfectly and creates an insane silhouette (which you know I’m a fan of).

Grey is the unsung hero of the colour wheel. It’s neutral, goes with everything, isn’t as dark as black but not as harsh as white. Grey is effortlessly chic and totally wearable. Grey is the J Cole of colours – completely underrated. Wearing grey for SS15 is like a thing now btw.

How to do Sports Luxe

Grey + Neoprene = match made in heaven.


I hate sliders but whatever, i’ll let this one slide… Image from

T by Alexander Wang is the go-to brand for Sports Luxe and the collection is so grey and perfect – structured jackets and loose-fitting androgynous tees. Sports Luxe is so easy, like that one girl at school (lol). One Sports Luxe item can make the rest of the outfit effortlessly cool in a “I just threw this on and managed to look flawless” kind of way.


Ugh I just love this. Image from @CottonCitizen’s Instagram page


Btw Cali-based brand Cotton Citizen slays Sports Luxe, I just wish they’d stock more here in the UK – unapologetically cool sweats and incredibly well-dyed tees.

4 very easy, very simple grey items which will help perfect your Sports Luxe look:

  1. Grey Neoprene Skater Skirt (Like this one)
  2. Grey Sweater or Bomber Jacket (preferably neoprene – better shape)
  3. High quality loose fitting t-shirt – Zara recently did a collab which spewed out a couple of these.
  4. High quality tapered pair of sweatpants (I’m obsessed with these by Cotton Citizen)

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