Top 3 Nail Trends SS15

I have an emotional connection to my nails which is both unnatural and a psychological problem I care not to deal with. I get pissed off if my nail shape isn’t perfect, like sleepless nights pissed off (which is happening right now so don’t talk to me about them), which is why I feel sorry for anyone that does my nails. However I have now found someone that does nail beauty services at home which makes my life so much easier because I don’t even need to leave the house! It also means that I’m obsessed with finding new nail art trends and designs, which is where I become of benefit to you. I’ve pulled together my top 3 nail trends for the SS15 season. In no particular order…

Top 3 Nail Trends SS15

1. Ghetto girl talons


Image from – next level nail envy

The longer the nails the better, there’s more room to play with and you can make a bigger statement. Personally, I love long nails, but sometimes they can get a little impractical so the touch screen test is a necessity – if you can still comfortably text/tweet/sext (I’m not judging) with your talons then you’re good, otherwise get the file out and cry. The Floss Gloss girls (from the pic above) always have the sickest nails and also sell nail laquer in the most divine of colours.

Sidenote: I’m loving the whole different nail colours on each hand thing…noted.

Floss Gloss nail laquer from $8 each and they ship worldwide.

2. Holographic Nails

Excuse the fact I took this photo waiting for the tube, thanks.

There are a few brands who now make holographic nail laquer, I used Color Club in the colour “Harp on it” for the look above. It’s super simple and I only applied two coats for this effect. This shade in particular goes with everything and is pigmented enough to still turn heads.

Color club nail laquer holographic range $10 each.

3. Negative Nails


I used Floss Gloss’ 95% Angel.

Ok so this trend has been featured on the catwalk recently (see KYE SS15) and I love this one because it can be done super simple or super ghetto girl. Negative nails refer to a “negative space” as part of nail art – clear spaces on the nail where your nail is exposed.


Image from – they NEED to open one in the UK


Image from – these nails are aspirational


Sidenote: if you’re in major need of some nail inspo, follow Laqué Nail Bar on insta and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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  1. September 24, 2016 / 4:46 pm

    I like your style and videos you have sweet energy. I like all of the rings you are wearing in your posts. Can you let me know where to buy? Also on your Versace Empire bag is that with the gold hardware.


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