Trend Alert: Tiny Bags

Get your magnifying glass out, bags are going teeny. A couple of years ago it was all about carrying a bag bigger than you that you could physically stow yourself inside should the situation call for it e.g embarrassing moments. Oh how times have changed, if you can’t fit your handbag in the mouth of a baby bird you are not it right now.

Tiny Bags are the it bags

There are pros and cons of tiny bags.


  • You will drastically reduce the number of people you take out with your handbag in public
  • The options are incredibly cute like so cute you adopt a high-pitched voice and you do weird things with your hands to your face e.g clawing at your cheeks with happiness
  • You only take the essentials with you…the very essential


  • You ONLY take the essentials with you. How can you expect me to do that with all the things I need just in case!? I need that Swiss Army knife in case I find myself stranded somewhere and I have to fend for myself. I need those 5 lip stick shades in case I decide to change up my look in the afternoon!

Ok so there’s only the one con, which is easily mitigated: get over it, use the tiny bag for the evening or use the tiny bag as well as your usual all-conquering Mary Poppins-esque bag (see Fendi below).


Realising some of us may struggle with the transition from elephant to mouse – Fendi has got it right. Image from

So I’ve seen a few of the Céline Nano Luggages swimming around which of course is the baby version of the famous Céline luggage and I do love those but they’re established. I saw these micro Fendi monster/creature baguettes and started doing that weird thing with my hands to my face…so I’m basically in love now.


LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE FACE, HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HIM!? Also, super jealous of his hair. Image from

These delightful creatures are available online and in Fendi stores for £930. Fendi has a cute little range of microscopic bags if these adorable monsters scare you a bit. I believe all these babies come with a cross body strap too so you can really double up on the bags and use the tiny one as a home for your phone.

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