Wish List: Chanel Crystal Sunglasses

Chanel eyewear is always on point, but the styles have never been right for me. Then the SS15 collection part 2 dropped in the stores and I’ve never been more drawn to a pair of eye shields.

The crystal pair with the clear lenses are very Jeffrey Dahmer (the first and last time you’ll see Chanel and a murderer in the same sentence). I’m dying over the fact that they’re clear because you can wear them inside and not look like so much of an arsehole. Plus you also get all that UV protection for all of you that care.


Image from Vogue.com

Chanel Crystal Sunglasses

This pair come in a number of lens colour and frame material combinations e.g clear lenses and black studs or gold lenses with a gold chain frame – the shape is a simple aviator but these combos take them to a new level.


Image from Chanel.com

They’re simple but still make a huge statement with out being Prada-y (you know the ones I’m talking about). These are casual outfit elevators (items that step up your outfit to the next level) and I’m obsessing.

Chanel Aviator Sunglasses around £445

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