Wish List: Fendi’s Karlito Phone Case

I already have too many phone cases: a simple one, a gold one, a futuristic gold bumper and a kawaii one. There’s also the custom phone case which you can order online; upload your own photos to be added to the case to make it a more personal item. I thought I was done, finished with my compulsive phone case purchases…until I saw the Fendi Karlito phone case.

Fendi Karlito Phone Case

Image from Allure.com

Dropping as part of Fendi’s pre-fall collection in May and only available for the iPhone 6, the phone case will be one of the hottest accessories this AW15. Much like its established, super cute and highly sought-after bigger brother, phone case Karlito will be leather, goat and fox fur (PETA look away).

Les be honest, who doesn’t want a tiny fluffy Karl at their fingertips?

Available in May from Fendi boutiques, around £400.

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