3 ways to wear a brooch

Brooch. The word conjures up images of old women/ladies who lunch eating a salad and laughing about “that time Michael bought the red Le Creuset set instead of the Orange”. Before I started questioning the norm of brooches, to me, brooches were proper and ever so slightly an emblem of the middle-aged. But, I’ve since changed my tune. The brooch doesn’t always belong on your left breast, but sometimes that’s were it looks good and it looks badass being there.

Step 1: Find a brooch. Not a grandmother-y one with some sort of metal lily involved in it, but a badass one. For the purpose of this post, I’m using a Chanel one (naturally).

Step 2: Decide how you’re going to wear the brooch, do NOT let the brooch wear you.

How to wear a brooch

1. The “I’m effortlessly cool” Way.

This for for when you feel like saying “f*** it, I can wear anything and kill it”, otherwise known as the Rihanna Mentality. It’s pretty different but with the right brooch (better with wider brooches as opposed to longer but prove me wrong) people will notice the subtle glimmer above your ankle, double take and scold themselves for not thinking of this genius idea before you. Trust me on this one.

2. The “Is it a brooch or is it a necklace?” Way

This one works well with a plain black polo neck or turtle neck, depending on whether you prefer horses or amphibians, I swear by the HeatTech ones from Uniqlo. The last time I wore this look I was complimented on my “Chanel turtle neck” so if you’re one for duping the fashion illiterate into thinking that everything you own is branded/designer then you’ll love this way.

3. The “I may have lost a button” Way

Settling comfortably between your collarbones, this is a great tactic if you’ve lost one of those fiddly buttons and you didn’t care to keep the tiny packet of buttons that accompanied the purchase of your shirt. It’s also just a great way to accent your shirt and add a little something instead of layering your necklaces, or as well as (go for it).

Get/find/inherit a brooch and be creative where you decide to fasten the little guy, he doesn’t always like to sit ontop of your left breast, as lovely as your left tit is.

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