Hottest Sunglasses of 2015

“The eyes are the windows to the soul”, well then, all the more reason to cover them up – no one needs to know you have a soul! A soul is for family and friends close enough to know your embarrassing middle name and that weird thing you used to do when you were younger. To everyone else, for all intensive purposes you, my dear, are a soul-less bitch, or at least that’s how you dress. I mean let’s be honest, Cruella was the best dressed character in 101 Dalmations and she had a vacuum where her heart was supposed to be, let alone a soul.

So now you’ve accepted the fact that your eyes need to be shielded not only from public eye-sores (e.g bad extensions or thin cotton leggings and a terrible choice of underwear) but to portray your soul-less existence, you need to select the sunglasses you think best suit that face of yours and make you look as fabulous and blasé as possible.

Hottest Sunglasses of 2015

1. Dior “Technologic” – from £350

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Image from

I feel like these are everywhere right now and rightfully so, they’re so fashionably futuristic in a low key way. Obviously I’m drawn towards the gold pair but they come in a silver variation, and they’re pretty fun conversation starters.

Available from Dior stores and Dior online.

2. Fendi “Orchidea” – £330

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Ok so, few will be able to pull this style off well, much like the cat-eye sunglasses, which I have accepted make me look like I’m trying too hard (the worst kind of trying). But when worn by the right person, these glasses add a new dimension to your outfit.

Available from Fendi stores and Fendi online.


3. Chanel “Aviator Sunglasses” – £410

I’ve already mentioned how incredible these are in this post, but just to back my claim further, I am the proud owner of a pair of these…so they must be amazing…right? No, trust me, I can’t keep up with the landslide of compliments I’ve been getting.

Available from Chanel stores.


4. Linda Farrow “Mirrored oversized sunglasses” – £675

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Madame Farrow is the queen of sunglasses so failing to mention her would be like…blasphemy (almost). It was an effort to pick only one pair from her wide collection of incredible shades, but this pair stood out and in turn so will you if you’re wearing these. These are outfit elevators, for sure.

Available from Selfridges.


5. Victoria Beckham “Gold-tone Mirrored Sunglasses” – £345

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I love mirrored sunglasses, but I love coloured mirrored sunglasses more because while people are blinded by the incredible blue hue emanating from your eye area you can judge their outfit freely (winning).

Available from Net A Porter.


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