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Is there nothing more opulent and So Versailles than the marriage of white and gold? It’s so classic, so regal and very Versace…ugh *throws head back in adoration*. Versace is recognisable purely from a medusa head, the maze pattern or baroque prints. It’s definitely not the most subtle of brands, if you’re wearing Versace, everyone knows you’re wearing Versace (unless the people looking are fashion illiterate). You have to be a certain type of person to wear Versace and not come across as a huge twat, which is why the eponymous brand chooses the celebrities they dress so well.


Image from @Versace_Official’s Instagram account


JLO  – Versace Babe

In my last Insta Inspo post, I fangirled over Rihanna dressed (mainly) in Versace and slaying looking like an Emerald pimp…maybe there’s a pattern forming? JLO attended the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday wearing a Versace Versus blazer, clinched with a Versus belt and Giuseppe heels – a simple outfit. It wasn’t loud or shouty but it was sexy and the black and gold gave it some opulence. As killer as this outfit was, I’m a little more obsessed with what JLO wore before putting this on: her custom Versace robe.

BOW DOWN. Image from @JLO’s Instagram account

It this robe not EVERYTHING!? Is it not made from the golden hair of angels woven lovingly with the softest and plushest of clouds!? Ok, I’m exaggerating, but seriously the robe is fire. I also have this fashion fantasy of me wearing robes recreationally – shopping, or wandering around or travelling (imagine the airport experience in a robe). Basically managing effortlessly to pull off a robe, a full-on white towelling robe, over a ‘normal’ casual outfit. So maybe that’s why I’m obsessed with it. Either way, I need it.
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