Monthly Favourites: March

Inspired by the YouTube babes Trisha Paytas and Gigi Gorgeous, whom I watch unfailingly and if you don’t, you should, I’m starting a monthly series of favourites. Apologies as I’m a little late to the party on this one but here’s my top 5 faves in March.

Monthly Favourites

1. Armani Eye Fluid – This makes it look like God’s right-hand Angels did your eye make up, and it stays for 16 hours straight (no touch ups necessary – trick people into thinking you’re just this perfect…duh). Plus it’s so easy to apply which makes me wonder why I spent all those hours appling powder eye shadows and being so frustrated I could gauge out my own eyes all to suffer for the smokey eye. Those days are over.

2. Versace Python Sneakers – I won’t bore you with the heart-breaking story of receiving these trainers in the wrong size and having to deal with the fact I would never be able to have these shoes, introduce them to my shoe family and live happily ever after. ANYWAY, in a beautiful turn of fate these babies fell into my hands, in the right size and now we’re in love (a true Cinderella moment). I’m obsessed with them, they’re an outfit elevator, and I have a weird thing for exotic skins (sorry PETA). Look at them, they’re perfect!


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3. Trap Queen – Fetty Wap. This song is FIRE. Fetty Wap came out of nowhere and captured my gangsta rap heart, with that sick beat and singing/rapping thing he does. If you’re reading this and had to google this song, you are a disappointment and go download it now.

4. Giuseppe Zanotti Harness – It’s like a statement necklace on meth. It’s like, “I see your statement neck piece and I raise you a body chain…nay…A HARNESS!” Need I say more?


5. Foundation Nails – Not very me, I know. But even I have succumbed and subsequently started a love affair with nude nails. Sometimes I do a colour close to my caramel skin tone, other times slightly darker and its subtle but sexy. Trust me.

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