New Addition: Stuart Weitzman Lace Up Heels

Lace me up, corset my little feet so they look beautiful and majestic standing tall and intimidating. I have wanted a pair of Aquazurra lace up sandals for approximately 6.35 months but my perfect pair(s) have always sold out and I’ve never gotten there fast enough (tortoise and hare my arse). Now I know that all those failed attempts resulting in my locking myself in a wardrobe and crying in a pool of my (non-Aquazzura) shoes were not in vain for I have found the lace-up heels of my dreams.

Stuart Weitzman Lace Up Heels

These glorious new additions to my wardrobe are by Stuart Weitzman and surprisingly they’re ridiculously comfortable. Look at where the stiletto sprouts from in the shoe – it extends with a slight angle from the back of the heel which means you end up strutting like a seasoned runway model,  or like Tyra (the dream).

Let’s just take a moment to dwell on and appreciate just how hot these shoes are. They’re exposed but not too open and the thin leather straps corset up the front of your feet making the shoes look irresistible and make you look ever so slightly intimidating (again, the dream).

They look just as incredible with a pair of turned up jeans as they do with a skater skirt or jersey dress. Lace up heels should be like a necessity that like every girl should have…yeah.

If there was one song that plays every time you wear these shoes it would definitely be: Milkshake – Kelis. That’s how hot these shoes are, be prepared to be beating all the boys in your yard away with a stick.

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