Obsessed With: Walter Collection

Very high on my list of obsessions lies a space for Walter Collection. He makes the kind of dresses that have women side-eyeing you with jealousy and bitching very unsubtly with their friends about where the hell you got that stunner of a dress from. Yes, the dresses are that good.

This dress SHUTS IT DOWN. The other girls really haven’t got a chance…

Walter Collection

I’m in love with Walter’s dresses for long list of reasons (that we don’t have enough time for, the list is that long) one of which being the perfect silhouette they create. They make your body look Stepford Wife perfect, like the perfect hourglass, like a glorious mix of Sophia Vergara/Beyoncé/Shakira. The point I’m trying to make is: if you wear a Walter Collection dress and not one person walks into a street lamp because they were so distracted looking at you, there’s no hope for you…sorry. Walter Collection dresses are sexy and fun all wrapped up in a high quality, beautiful bundle of fabric.

I also have to mention the fact that, very surprisingly, these dresses are super comfy. They won’t have you breathing like you have chronic asthma, unable to bend or sit all night and nursing a broken rib by the time you get home but they still miraculously hold everything in/up (thighs in, ass up) in the places they should be (it’s sorcery, I tell you). Walter seems to understand that the only pain you should feel all night is that of your shoes (and if they don’t hurt, you’re wearing the wrong shoes – see Christian Louboutin’s quote). Oh, and did I mention that fact that Walter is totally the nicest guy ever (for real), so that helps.


The structure is TDF (to die for…duh)


My Walter Collection dresses undoubtably get incredible amounts of attention wherever I go in them, infecting more girls with the green monster of envy (sorry, not sorry).

Calm down ladies, jealousy is an ugly trait 🙂

Available at waltercollection.com, and he does custom too (get excited).

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