OOTD: Biker Jeans & A Military Jacket

I hate the fact that jeans are the unofficial “face” of casual dressing. I yearn for the day that denim is no longer frowned upon in the workplace and you can finally wear jeans to a “smart casual” event. In the mean time I will continue to live life on the edge and surreptitiously wear jeans to work – there are so many different variations of the jean now that often it can be difficult to tell you’re wearing the official material of the 90s.

There are ripped jeans (for the trendy), super ripped jeans (for the sexually loose), coloured jeans (for the experimental), black jeans (for those who fear change), flared jeans (for those stuck in the 70s) and biker jeans (for the cool) amongst many many more. So basically there are jeans for every kind of person, in every kind of mood.



Yesterday, I decided I was in a kind of blasé, unfazed by much mood and so threw on my Rag & Bone biker jeans. They look cool right? I won’t lie, these will leave a pretty interesting tribal-looking embossed pattern on your legs for a good few hours after you’ve peeled them off but apart from that I have no complaints. Oh, and these aren’t the kind of jeans that you can magically do yoga in or touch your forehead with your baby toe in, as there’s no stretch but it’s a small trade-off for the pretty sick knee-area stitching. 

OOTD Details

Pashmina: Louis Vuitton
Jacket:Ralph Lauren

Jeans: Rag & Bone
Sneakers: Giuseppe Zanotti
Bag: Chanel
Earrings: Shaun Leane


Background song for this look: Roll the Bass by Major Lazer (Peace Is The Mission).

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