OOTD: Braided Black & Blue

Not wearing Alexander McQueen when you own some Alexander McQueen to the Savage Beauty Alexander McQueen exhibition is bordering on blasphemy. I know I did wrong, I’m sorry. In my defence, my outfit was still pretty sick.

Judging you from the bench, feat. baby Karl.

This look wasn’t meant to feature the pashmina but it was chilly so forgive me for being a tad practical for once. Giuseppe high-top sneakers can go one of two ways:

  1. Gaudy/Garish/OTT – This is what happens when people with too much money and too little style wear Giuseppe. E.g. Footballers, 16 year old boys with access to daddy’s credit card, Justin Beiber.
  2. Effortlessly Cool/Hip Hop Chic – This depends solely on 2 factors: the rest of the look being relatively simple and the personality of the wearer (not a twat basically).

I like to think I pull of Guiseppes in the second category but I’ll leave that one for you to decide. 

Btw, pashminas/silk scarves are so easy to throw on and add a little something to the outfit. I honestly underrate them so much, mostly because they make me think of old women or that era when women wore neckscarves for fashion and thought it was cute (not for me) but I think there’s a lot of potential in that whisp you wrap/drape around your neck. 

OOTD Details

Jacket: Kenzo
Black long sleeve top: Uniqlo
Pashmina: Gucci
Jeans with black panelling: 3X1
High tops: Giuseppe Zanotti
Earrings: Chanel

Background song for this look: Trini Dem Girls feat. Lunchmoney Lewis – Nicki Minaj (The Pinkprint). 

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