OOTD: Double Denim

Double denim is one of the great topics of discussion in the 21st century. Therefore, in celebration of today’s OOTD, I shall re-enter the debate as to whether it is ever ok to double up on your denims (obvs sometimes it is hence this OOTD…duh).

When it’s NOT ok to do double denim:

  1. Cropped denim jacket and straight leg jeans…like, no.
  2. When your second denim item is some sort of denim hat (this is a personal nightmare of mine)
  3. When you’re at the 2014 VMAs and you’re Katy Perry and Riff Raff.

When it’s ok to double denim:

  1. When you’re Britney and Justin and you’re killing it at the 2001 AMAs.
  2. When you’re wearing jeans and you double up the denim with a denim accessory (see Chanel current season).
  3. The classic denim shirt and jean combo (as I demonstrate below).


I’ve double denimed as above and topped it off with a military jacket (mostly because I enjoy the juxtaposition of Middle-american denim clad farm hand and Napoleon). In this case I’ve tried to match denims as much as possible but a lighter more acid wash shirt would have still looked cool as would a darker wash.

Unwritten rule of double denim: the denim must be blue, no cutting corners on this one. I see you with your black jeans and denim jacket claiming you’re double-deniming…lies!

I would also like to take this moment to recognise the cavernous hole in my jeans which was not this size when I first bought the jeans – I’ve stuck my foot in it too many times…literally. The downsides of ripped jeans…

Beauty-wise, I paired this look with these raspberry nails which give a fun contrast and are super SS15.

OOTD Details

Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Denim Shirt: Uniqlo
Belt: Hermès
Jeans: J Brand
Earrings: Shaun Leane

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