OOTD: Pearls & Gold

So I think the entire world is aware of the fact that the glittering shroud of Coachella has loomed, and if you didn’t know that then you probs don’t have internet access or access to a newspaper/carrier pigeon. Am I embarrassingly jealous of everyone at ‘chella? Am I wincing with envy as I scroll though Instagram and see videos/pictures of everyone having a great time in the middle of the Californian desert? Yes and yes. Here’s the thing: I don’t do festivals. I’m not about that festival life, but Coachella would be my only exception. Anyway, as the green monster was consuming me, I decided to spend the day outside and bathe in the deceivingly sunny London weather (turned out to have a sharp wind…not surprised) and spend some of my Saturday exploring a park (which was a lot bigger than I’d expected rendering my shoes impractical but whatever). There was a lot happening with my outfit so try to keep up.

*that famous Lion King song no one can pronouce plays*

If you’re a regular around here you should know by now that I love wearing things that ‘normal’ people wouldn’t necessarily wear, which is why I’m kind of obsessed with my gold Versace skater sneakers – a go to outfit elevator. These shoes are a little risky because if they’re styled terribly then you’d just end up hating the shoes, babbling on about how ‘garish’ they are, but when they’re married into a pretty casual outfit they have their own space to shine (pun intended).

I also love wearing things that are traditionally ‘dressy’ in a casual way, e.g. the pearls in this outfit. Why can’t they be casual? Why not just throw on a couple of strands over your t-shirt before you head out of the door. WHY THE HELL NOT!?

Bird’s Eye view feat. Tiny Karl

OOTD Details

Sunglasses: Celine

Hoodie/Jacket: Kenzo

T-shirt: Uniqlo

High-Waisted jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Belt: Louis Vuitton

Sneakers: Versace

Tiny Bag: Chanel

Tiny Karlito: Fendi


Background song for this look: Diamonds & Gold by Kid Ink

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