OOTD: Slogan Sweater

I love a slogan sweater. Scratch that, I love a good slogan sweater, where the slogan is witty or hip-hop related in this case. I categorically detest crap slogan sweaters, you know the ones I mean, the ones that have irrelevant phrases on them like “Je t’aime” or “Pugs not drugs” like, are you serious?

There’s 2 things wrong with the “pugs not drugs” phrase:

  1. It’s not funny, like in any way, so please express your love for pugs in a different way, thanks.
  2. If you’re aim is an anti-drug message, I highly doubt you will successfully lure potential/current drug addicts away from the clutches of Class A drugs, or any drugs for that matter, with the cute albeit droopy face of a small dog.

Crap slogan sweater rant over. My fave kind of slogan sweaters are Private Party sweaters, mostly because they’re hip-hop related but entirely because they are high quality and super comfortable. The brand is super funny and cool – they have a hoodies for dogs saying “as long as my bitches love me” and a red swimsuit  with “Bae watch” sprawled across the front.

Evidently, I was channeling my inner Wiz Khalifa (if you don’t get the “We Dem Boyz” reference, please educate yourself) and decided to stick to a (mainly) monochrome look. I’m a huge sweater advocate, they can be paired with so many things to create so many different looks. Next time you buy a slogan sweater, make sure you buy one that I’d approve of, so I don’t have to act passive-aggressively towards you all day.

OOTD Details

Sweater: Private Party
Black trousers: SOLD Design Lab – Skins Soho (Bought from Kitson)
Espadrilles: Chanel 

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