Savage Beauty: An Emotional Review

So, you probably know by now I’m not one to make an emotional post, very rarely do I go deep about an aspect of fashion/designer etc. but I do a little digging into my usually emotionally unavailable “fashion is fun” side in this post, so you’ve been warned.

It was an honour to be able to see in person the looks I’ve fan-girled about (right here) and although you’re not supposed to take pictures of the exhibition, I sneaked a couple in and dodged the lurking eyes of the V&A security…the things I do for you…


Savage Beauty

I knew I was in for an experience and not just an exhibition, I knew it was going to be incredible but I didn’t know I’d be brought very close to tears. Lee Alexander McQueen was filled with pain and torment which allowed him to make the most beautiful and creative pieces of clothing (stong statement but I’m sticking with it). He was a true genius and innovator who continued to push the boundaries of what we percieve to be beautiful. Walking through the Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A makes you realise that no one will ever be able to innovate the way he did, no one will come close to his level and no one should ever try to (’cause that’s a losing battle).

It’s tough boots to fill and Sarah Burton is doing a great job as creative director but Alexander McQueen isn’t Alexander McQueen anymore (whether or not it should be is another debate).

His troubled mind is evident throughout his work but in the most beautiful of ways. You can almost feel him with you as you walk through the exhibition, he transferred his feelings and controversial thoughts seamlessly into every piece he created.

I guess my favourite pieces were in the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ room, in which most of the pieces weren’t made for production – the intricacy, the effort and the innovation behind the pieces which wouldn’t even have made him any money is only a testament to his inherent artists soul. I think I’m getting a little too deep…

“I want to be the purveyor of a certain silhouette or way of cutting, so that when I’m dead and gone, people will know that the twenty-first century was started by Alexander McQueen”

R.I.P Lee Alexander McQueen.

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