SS15 Trend: Gladiator Sandals

The sun is emerging, which only means one thing: ‘Tis the season to slay (Gladiator season). The gladiator trend, much like Safari-chic and Sports Luxe, makes a come back every year, which makes a pair of gladiator sandals (heels or flats) like a total necessity. So now the task at hand is to find the perfect gladiator, we’ve come too far to entertain Russel Crowe-esque brown leather lace ups (no thank you) and unfortunately for the wallets there’s lots of choice.

In order to find your gladiator sole-mate (omg, I’m hilarious) you must adopt the mindset of the lady gladiator, who slays the competition with her shoe choice. A lady gladiator walks into a function and the second the light hits her feet, the other so-called lady gladiators roll their eyes in defeat. Ever heard of the phrase “dress to depress”? That’s exactly what we are going for here – depression by way of fashion envy.

Gladiator Sandals

1. Paul Andrew “Athena” – £1,245

Image from

Image from

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the baddest bitch of them all? If you’re in these shoes then you are, every single time. Instagram yourself like ‘Bad Bitch Alert’ (Kanye reference). These are like the official footwear of the bad bitch squad. They command attention in a way that’s 50% sexy and 50% powerful, so in other words if you really want something, wear these babes on your feet when you ask for it ’cause people will be too scared to say no. Tactics ladies, tactics….

Wear with: shorts, a linen shirt and resting bitch face.

Available from Net A Porter.

2. Casadei “Gadiator” – £1,370

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I love these because they’re embellished and blue, so not only will eyes be drawn to your shins due to the elaborate, artistic construction surrounding them but because of the incredible azure sparkle surrounding your aura.

Wear with: a black chiffon dress and enough gold jewelry to sink a small yacht.

Available from Casadei Online.

3. Stuart Weitzman “Back View” – £435

Image from

Image from

Finally, some black gladiator flats that are both super comfy and incredible to look at. These could almost be classified as amour, let’s be honest if for some strange reason you are playing football and didn’t have shin pads, these babes would serve you just fine. It’s like a 2 in 1!

Wear with: a skater skirt, slogan t-shirt and sunglasses which cover the majority of your face.

Available from Selfridges.

4. Giuseppe Zanotti “MJ” – £805

Image from

Image from

Inspired by the legend Michael Jackson, for Giuseppe Zanotti‘s 20th Anniversary collection, these may not be knee-high gladiators but there’s a lot of ferocity in this pair. They are more minimalist than their taller cousins but they’re just as attention-worthy and I also have an unnatural obsession with the late King of Pop so I had to include these.

Wear with: a military jacket, 7 belts, a white shirt and a swarovski glove.

Available from the Giuseppe Zanotti online store.

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