Weekly Round Up: 25/04/15

So, I’ve decided that every week, usually on a Friday , I’ll post a weekly round up of random stuff I’ve been obsessing over that you may find interesting enough to keep scrolling down. I’d just like to take a moment to shout out to myself for starting off this new series as I don’t mean to go on (uploaded on a Saturday) *slow clap*.

1. Song of the week: The Brown Stains of Derkeese Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix) – Tyler, the Creator (Cherry Bomb)

2. TV Series/Movie of the week: Scandal – if there’s any good left in the world Fitz and Olivia will end up together…

3. Nail Colour: Cocaína White

4. Fave celebrity look of the week: Shay Mitchell and her incredible gold choker, regally hugging her neck. The choker is by Vita Fede and I need it.

Image from @shaym’s instagram account.


5. News of the week:

#RIPTinkerbell – as in Paris Hilton’s famous Chihuahua, who died of old age and was arguably my favourite character in The Simple Life.

#TeamBruce – if you don’t know about the Diane Sawyer interview you better have a legitimate excuse e.g. you live in a remote area without access to electricity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it, and never admit that you didn’t know. #BraveBruce, I support him 100%, again arguably the best character in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

6. Makeup look of the week: Desi Perkins who knows her way around a highlighter, and I love it.

Image from @desimakeup’s Instagram account.


7. Weird moment of the week: I have this random gold bic biro from Collette in Paris, and I stupidly only bought one, so I’m very protective of this pen. I was at work and went to throw my Kit Kat wrapper (recently re-kindled that love) in the bin…my pen fell in with it. I, in the middle of a room in which people were having coffee and meetings, could not mourn the loss of this pen quite yet and decided to retrieve it…from the bin. I could see it glimmering in the dark trash-filled hole so I grabbed the pen, and as I was lifting it out, something wet touched my hand. I screamed internally and ran with my pen at arms length to the nearest toilet and ran scolding water on my hand until I felt clean enough. I still don’t know what touched me, I still don’t want to know and I’m still that weird grad at work.

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