Wish List: Giuseppe Mules

I’d say for the last 11 years I’ve had a complicated relationship with the colour red (apologies to The Game and Lil Wayne). I know that’s a wierd thing to say, right? How can you have a tumultuous relationship with a colour!? I won’t go into the odd and frustratingly dull details that will make you question my mental stability but let’s just start with the fact that up until a month ago I didn’t own a pair of red shoes (and even then they’re Raspberry…and Alaïa) and still fail to own a red dress. In conclusion, red accounts for about 0.1% of my wardrobe and don’t talk to me about red lipstick and how “it suits every skin tone!”, not this caramel delight *points to self*…definitely not. Where am I going with this? I’ve found something that makes me want to increase that percentage a bit…

Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Eva’ Mules

*claps* Image from GiuseppeZanottiDesign.com


I call these kind of shoes “Black Widow” heels – they’ll seduce you and treat you right but if you wrong them they’ll poison you, leaving you to die in excruciating pain, with your last memory being of these killer shoes (not literally, calm down). These shoes aren’t fierce, they’re ferocious and so Cookie Lyon (if you don’t get that reference you need to watch Empire). The second pair of mules to win my heart (the first are here), these Giuseppes add a sexy, ‘not to be messed with’ vibe to any outfit. Personally, I’d love these heels paired with a super simple casual, t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit, so you can kill it on the footwear front.

Black Widow Heels – killer. Image from GiuseppeZanottiDesign.com.


The ‘Eva’ mules are available on the Giuseppe Zanotti online store, for £575.

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