Your invitation to the Arm Party

You are cordially invited to the Arm Party. This isn’t some weird new hipster get together creation I’ve just invited you to (e.g Silent Discos), this is an invitation to adorn your wrists with as many bracelets/bangles/ hair ties/questionable friendship bracelets from your gap year that your little wrists can handle. But there are three conditions: your Arm Party must be tasteful, personal and so GODDAM CHIC (like a regular party).

Kylie Jenner’s very haute arm party. Image from @KylieJenner’s Instagram account.

(Arm) Party Time

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the attendees of our Arm Party were six Cartier Love bracelets? But not all of us are Kylie Jenner so let’s get realistic. The best thing about Arm Parties is that they’re personal (but still chic) so you can mix your high-end bangles with that tatty unhygienic braided friendship bracelet you and your BFF have worn continuously since you were 12 (ew).

Leandra Medine’s arm get together. Image from

This post is an inspiration for you to plan and host your own Arm Party which can last all of one day or one year. Especially since the sun has finally decided to show its usually absent face, you can finally expose your very toned arms since all you did was go to the gym in the winter months (lol jokes, I certainly didn’t).

Above is my arm party at the moment, though I’ll probably change it up soon. Sometimes I want a huge festival happening and other times I want an intimate hang out. Incase you care, I’m wearing a Dodo friendship bracelet, two Fiji Friendship bracelets from Monica Vinader and two Hermès ones.

Start your Arm Parties and make sure I’m invited. If you already have one going on, let me know and send me your pics via Twitter or tag me on the Gram, #ArmPartySoVersailles (my details are below).

If you’ve decided you like me as a person/think I might upload some cool stuff/don’t like me as a person and want to stalk me feel free to do so via my Twitter and Instagram.   



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