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Before this video I wouldn’t have called myself a Taylor Swift fan, I still wouldn’t but I’ve shimmied across the fandom spectrum a bit more. Prior to the drop of this video I listened to Taylor Swift as any other 22 year old lover of rap would have – alone in my room with the volume turned very low and then pretend not to know the lyrics in public. But oh how things have changed with this video, now not only do I listen to Bad Blood in public with the volume turned high in my headphones (a miserable middle aged woman told me to turn my music down – that’s how loud) but I watch the video openly on my commute to work, I discuss which character I’d be with my friends (probs cut throat or knock out) and fan-girl this music video in its entirety.

I’ve always loved elaborate music videos (Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga) and the fashion throughout but T-Swizzle surprised me here and she killed it.

There was a lot of latex (Atsuko Kudo I suspect) and bondage-themed pieces, which always seem to make the wearer look like she charges for services (or doesn’t charge – arguably worse) but the stylist did a great job of making the girls look sexy and dangerous without looking slutty *snaps for stylist*. There’s a couple of things that upset me about the video, mainly it not being long enough and I have to keep pausing the video to inspect outfits but I also feel bad for Selena Gomez’s character. Not only does poor Selena get the worst outfit (which is still good, but still) but her faceless squad at the end of the video have a terrible shoe selection compared to T-Swift’s clique…it’s sad. Here’s a run down of my favourite pieces.


1. These amazing beasts of shoes

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Ok, I’m obsessed with these and I need them. They’re almost equestrian looking – am I right? They create a gazelle-like run way walk with an edge of powerful sass. Honestly, you could wear just these with an oversized t-shirt and kill it. They’re very Daphne Guinness.


2. White latex bralette with choker

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What one would usually think isn’t a wearable costume piece would look incredible with a huge high-waisted black ballgown skirt. It’s like a 2-in-1 anyway – top and jewellery *squeals in excited trying-to-be-convincing voice*!


3. Cindy Crawford’s bodysuit & harness

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No comment (in a good way) about Cindy’s incredible body…suit but the harness makes an exceptional extra touch. I like that it’s different from the usual choker-to-waist harness and I also feel like it has the added talent of supporting ones tits/smushing them together.


If you havent seen the incredible video yet, do so…now, by clicking here.

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