Blo & OOTD: Perforated

Here’s the thing: when it comes to my hair, I’m negligent and a liability. I am a hairdresser’s worst nightmare, swanning in with my locks, tangled like a dirty racoon’s tail, wondering why it takes them 40 minutes to brush through my hair. Fair enough, 80% of the time my Afro-European hair looks pretty hot but that 20% exists and it can sometimes be difficult to stay within the 80.

blo dry bar

So, here’s where Blo comes in. I was kindly invited to take a look around and experience one of their luxury blow dries. Blo is pretty established in the US & Canada for all my babes across the pond, but they have landed in London, in the cutest underground luxury cave, promising that your hair will look luscious but with the danger that you may fall in love with yourself by the end of the blow dry. There’s this hilarious menu that you choose your blow dry style from and I decided to go for the fishtail plait as unlike Ana (my lovely hair stylist) I don’t have the nimble fingers of a child pianist. Basically this place is pretty awesome, and they have a breakfast club where you can come and get your tresses looking like Beyonce’s from 7am with free food! They’re also super nice at Blo, which helps a lot, because the last thing I need is some holier-than-thou woman telling me that my hair is turning into dreadlocks (that actually happened).


OOTD Details

Perforated Leather Jacket: Hotel Particulier

T-Shirt: Zara

Waxed Jeans: 3×1

Skater Sneakers: Givenchy


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