Met Gala 2015 Best Dressed

If you don’t know what the Met Gala is or you were unconscious all of Monday evening/this morning then in a nutshell it’s the Oscars of Fashion. The Met gala is arguably the biggest fashion competition of the year where celebrities up their game and (should) aim to divert all of the photographer’s and press’ attention from everyone else onto them. Every year the Met Gala has a theme, this year it was “China: Through the Looking Glass”, which brought a competition of the most naked, an impressive headdress to end all headdresses (by Philip Treacy of course), and a dress which swept the floor with all the others. There were also a fair amount of monstrosities which I shall not comment on (I already did on my Twitter).

Met Gala 2015 Best Dressed

Competition of the most naked.

Kim K-West in Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli. Image from @kimkardashianwest’s instagram account.

It’s like they knew, and decided to go head-to-head on who can get away with being the most naked on the biggest red carpet of the year and maintain their fashion status. Kim K-West and Mr K West arrived first, causing many a head to turn and wonder if this dress could get any closer to Kim’s Paper magazine shoot. Not gonna lie, if anyone could get away with that, Kim could (and Rihanna, she could wear anything). THEN, Beyoncé turned up with Jay and she sunk Kim, hook, line and sinker. Gone. Beyoncé was Mayweather on this one.


Beyonce in Givenchy. Image from @Beyonce’s instagram account.

The headdress.


Image from @sarahjessicaparker’s instagram account.

SJP always makes an impression at the Met Gala, and does it appropriately for her age. She took the theme and ran with it, and wore this incredible Philip Traecy head piece which put a lot of the other attempts at killing at the Met Gala to shame. Claps to SJP.

Rihanna wipes the floor with everyone else’s cheap taffeta creation.


Rihannain Guo Pei. Image from @badgalriri’s instagram.

Lord, give me the strength to complete this post without breaking down in tears and getting a restraining order from Ri Ri’s lawyer. THIS BITCH SMASHED IT. The colour was glorious, it was perfect for the theme, the train was majestic and left a lasting impression. She showed enough skin to make it sexy but not enough to make me question  whether or not she should be in a window in Amsterdam. Rihanna was So Versailles and she killed it.

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