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I’m not a jewellery connoisseur, I tend to stick to the same four brands and not explore too heavily outside of my comfort zone (the one time I tried, it didn’t end well but don’t let that stop you stepping out of your comfort zone and browse braceletworld.co’s selection for example). I’m not one for microscopic, dainty little pieces of jewellery that look like they could break when they come into contact with skin. I’m that person who keeps getting touched up or “security checked” at airport security because I’d rather that than spend the combined 12 minutes removing and then re-donning all of my rings, bracelets, necklaces and the occasional anklet (never a toe ring). The moral of that long-winded description of my taste in jewellery is that I like statement jewellery, pieces that are a bit different and might start a conversation – though I’ve heard “ooh, I wouldn’t like to get in a fight with you! *nods to large and obviously heavy jewellery*” too many times to attempt to fake laugh when I hear it …*unimpressed face*.


Vita Fede

Basically, I was super excited when I found out about the existence of Vita Fede. It’s the jewellery company I’ve been searching for all these years, the Kanye to my Kim, if you will. The pieces are luxuriously fierce, unapologetically stylish and futuristically fashionable, everything you should want from your jewels. Vita Fede is an LA brand and oozes casual chic, all of the pieces are outfit elevators, no wonder it’s loved by JLO, Gigi Hadid and Kerry Washington (if it’s good enough for Olivia Pope, it’s good enough for me), to name but a few.



When I was looking through the Vita Fede site, I thought I’d pick three styles to show to you guys so you could understand why I fell in love with the brand, but I couldn’t stop at three, so above are my favourite eight. Another reason I love Vita Fede is that all the pieces are meant to be stacked and layered and mixed with other pieces so that each fan wears Vita Fede in their own way.

The Vita Fede family of pieces can be found at Vita Fede Online, Harvey Nichols and Revolve Clothing.

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