OOTD: Black & Gold

Accessories are to fashion as 2Pac is to the rap game – important. They shouldn’t be underestimated but more often that not they’re difficult to get right. It can be surprisingly easy to end up looking like a member of the Ndebele tribe jingling with every step (the Ndebele fashion is very chic but dare I say slightly impractical for most of us), or to cause anybody who comes into contact with you to become cross-eyed because there’s so much happening in such a small space.


I was consistent with my accessories today, sticking to one colour (cheat #1), gold, and committing to a style (cheat #2)- I’ve gone for gypsy gangster.

Note: If you don’t dress yourself in the morning with a style in mind or mindset, you’re doing it wrong. Pick a style and channel it. E.g. I’m feeling the Rihanna Mentality today, in which case… *picks lace up sandals, basketball shorts, mesh crop, canary yellow chinchilla jacket, 27 rings, and gold hoops*.

In case you need some inspo with styles to aim for every morning, here’s some to start you off:

  1. Rihanna Mentality
  2. Elle Woods pre-Law School
  3. Elle Woods during Law School
  4. Kim K-West post North’s birth
  5. Anna Dello Russo


OOTD Details

Earrings: Versace
Necklace: Chanel
Sunglasses: Chanel
Jacket: Versace Jeans
T-Shirt: Uniqlo
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Espadrilles: Chanel

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