OOTD: J Cole Concert

Dressing for a concert is actually pretty difficult as there are a number of factors to consider:

  1. Genre of music. Ok, so you have to dress appropriately for whoever you’re going to see, for example you’re not going to wear a summery floral dress to a rap concert are you (answer no)? But you wouldn’t look too out of place in florals for a Taylor Swift concert. Disclaimer: I hate florals.
  2. Heat. No matter the weather outside or whether you decided to stand (and therefore lose all rights to personal space, the freedom to pee whenever the need arises and the ability to grab a snack) or sit (the clever option), the venue will get hot. Sweaty hot. Hair-sticking-to-face hot. So keep that in mind.
  3. Mess/barbarians. In the midst of heart attack-inducing bass, the odd pyrotechnic display and the smooth voice of whoever you’re seeing, people get rowdy. Drinks get spilled, people get jumped on, shoes get stamped on and sometimes (depending on the concert) the odd beer bottle of piss gets hurtled through the air. Therefore, a concert is probably not the place to wear your current season Balmain jacket or to take your crocodile Himalayan birkin.

Please note: Points 2 & 3 do not apply if you are in a box. Boxes are for those that want to see the person in concert but aren’t super fans and want to Instagram cringe pictures of themselves with champagne glasses before (or during) the concert. Good for you if you got a box, but I want to see the sweat form on Beyoncé’s ass so I’ll be as close to the front row as possible…but seated.

I went to see J Cole and it was amazing. But it’s a rap concert so I want to look the part whilst keeping it high fashion and Harlem, so I went to the Giuseppe Zanottis, naturally. And because this is me, they had to be the crystal Giuseppes.

Crystal sneakers aren’t easy to pull off and in order to avoid looking like the definition of a douchebag, they must be paired with a simple outfit. Here I went with some high waisted jeans, a slogan t-shirt and structured hoodie.

Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers


Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

OOTD Details

Hoodie: Kenzo

T-Shirt: Bought from the Dash store on Melrose, LA.

Belt: Versace

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Sneakers: Giuseppe Zanotti


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