The Billboard Music Awards 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

What is happening!? Is the weather affecting people’s fashion judgement and perceptions? Once again, I’m underwhelmed. There were very few stand out winners of the Billboard Music Awards 2015 red carpet, and everyone else was just a hot mess. There were so many “meh” dresses it was painful for me to scroll through the pictures. But, the few queens of the carpet really did kill it.

The Billboard Music Awards 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

Image from @charbelzoecouture’s instagram account.

JLO wore a Charbel Zoe custom dress and…well smashed it, looking like some sort of ethereal goddess. JLO has really put the younger artists/celebrities to shame with her last few red carpet appearances, they need to take a leaf out of Jenny’s book and learn how to do exposure right (how not to do exposure: Rita Ora’s Billboard red carpet dress).


Image from @luxurylaw’s instagram account.

Zendaya really has to be commended for taking such bold fashion risks and, unlike most who do, carries them off with a smirk and a flutter of her eyelashes. Tailoring looks incredible on her and of course there she struts her stuff on the red carpet wearing a look very few can pull off. I disagree only with the earrings, but they can be easily removed.


Image from @balmainparis’s instagram account.

After Balmain announced they will the next designer to collaborate with H&M, with the collection dropping on 5th November (don’t worry I’ll be all over it like a middle class woman on a Range Rover), Olivier and his beautiful flock of Balmain Angels walked the red carpet. The best Balmain look, however had to be Kendal Jenner’s. The embellishment of the jacket styled with the simplicity of the rest of the outfit (which is basically a pair of over the knee boots) works incredibly well, so inevitably, she slayed.


Image from @iamdencia’s instagram account.

Although many a dress was underwhelming none of them were particularly terrible…apart from one on Dencia. WTF IS THIS!? Even when Lady Gaga was in her crazy dressing stage it was still well put together, it was thought through and had an artistic element. This, on the other hand, much like Miley Cyrus’ rendition of “My Neck My Back” (that happened, look it up), left me very confused and wondering if I need to book an eye test. Colour has been robbed of me. I can’t even dwell on this, it’s like someone robbed a rainbow and then made it procreate with an alien. I find it unnecessary.

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