The waist is the new cleavage.

*Warning* this post contains the use of the word “tits” a lot, so if you’re easily offended by a body part that half the world’s population have and that you nibbled on as a newborn then you probs shouldn’t read this.

Say goodbye to the girls for a bit because cleavage is out and waists are in. Shove your bras that make your tits look 2 cups bigger, by smushing them together and hoisting them so high you could just choke on a nipple, to the back of your bra drawer (but don’t throw them away, they come in handy every once in a while…promotion time *cough*). The small-titted of us can rejoice *rejoices* and for those of you with big ol’ fake tits that remind us of a star, we all love them and you probs won’t put them away anyway so…

“The waist is the new cleavage” ~ Karl Lagerfeld

Two pieces are a huge thing right now, with many an online retailer centering their stock around them, e.g. House of CB. The rise of waist exposure isn’t even a skinny girl thing, you can expose as little or as much as you’d like (though too much is more red light district than runway), or you can even hop on the trend without getting your waist out at all. E.g. A very high sitting body con skirt with an un-fitted cropped tee over the top – it’s the no-waist waist look.

So you’ve decided you want to be super fashionable and execute the trend, but in a So Versailles way. Follow the steps below and you’ll smash it.

Get your waist out

Btw I’ve done a bit of a pick and mix situation here and chosen these peices based on 3 styles: The Ghetto Girl, The Girl Next Door and The Princess. Of course you can mix them together, for example the princess and the ghetto girl to create a kind of Princess of The Bronx look.

1. Grab/buy/borrow a body-con skirt, or a huge ball-gown style Dior skirt

To shop the pieces above click on the descriptors here: ‘Sorcha’ Black Knee Length Bandage Pencil Skirt” target=”_blank”>Ghetto Girl 1, Ghetto Girl 2, ‘Sachi’ Pearlised Pink Real Leather Stingray effect Pencil Skirt – Limited Edition” target=”_blank”>Girl Next Door 1,Latex Alice Skirt” target=”_blank”> Girl Next Door 2, Princess 1 and Princess 2.


2. Grab/buy/borrow 2 different types of cropped tops. E.g. Unfitted cropped t-shirt and a long sleeved fitted cropped polo neck.

To shop the pieces above click on the descriptors here: Ghetto Girl 1, Ghetto Girl 2, ‘Ryal’ Black Stretch Knit Cropped Top” target=”_blank”>Girl Next Door 1, Cropped Jumper” target=”_blank”>Girl Next Door 2, Princess 1 and ‘Arabella’ Grey Stretch Rib Knit Two Piece” target=”_blank”>Princess 2.

3. Right now you’re like “Cassie’s advised me to dress like the worst kind of basic bitch: a basic bitch that thinks she’s the bomb”, wrong. Here’s where you So Versailles the trend – accessories. I’m talking low slung belts, harnesses and arm parties stacked high. This is the part where you own the trend, where you take all of the Ghetto Girl pieces, marry them with double French plaits, gold hoops and a pair of Alaïa boots – the bitches won’t know what hit them. Below are some pieces that you might wanna cop or use as some inspo.



To shop the above pieces click on the descriptors here: Versace Belt, Moschino Belt, BCBG Body Chain, BCBG Cuff, Maria Piana Arm Cuff, Maria Piana Cuff and Maria Piana Bracelet.


Let me know how you get on with this trend and remember to keep the titties covered. Send me all your looks via my social media listed below and don’t forget to sign up to my super fun weekly newsletter below, you’ll love it, I promise.


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