Trend SS15: Chokers

Is anyone else really upset about the fact that those horrendous black elastic-y plastic chokers have made it back onto the scene again? It’s like some horrible bitch that left school and then decided to come back years later just to cause misery. Apparently, these things are very popular (don’t ask me why) and people think it’s “trendy” to wear them. If you’re reading this and you wear one of those then I’ll pray for you.

Chokers are back, but not the ones I’ve just ranted about – those aren’t chokers, those are some weird little pieces of plastic masquerading as a trend causing the rest of us nightmares and broken dreams. The chokers I’m talking about are pieces of art, they’re statement pieces and an important addition to your arsenal of outfit elevators. They can be worn over polo necks, creating the perfect block colour backdrop to display the choker’s beauty, they can we worn under the popped collar of a crisp white shirt or with a t-shirt – they’re more versatile than you think.

Choker Life

Below is a selection of chokers that I’m pretty impressed with, maybe they will inspire you, maybe you might love them so much that you buy one…



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