Weekly Round Up – 01/05/15

“It’s gonna be MAY *Justin Timberlake voice*”.

1. Song of the week: Slow Motion – Trey Songz

2. TV Series/Movie of the week: Barely Famous – a creation of the hilarious and beautiful Sara & Erin Foster (daughters of David), I’m addicted and sadly I relate (you get what I mean if you watch it). Thankfully they’re doing a second season and hopefully it will last more than 6 episodes *withdrawal symptoms begin*.

Image from @barelyfamousvh1’s Instagram account

3. Nail Colour: Periwinkle & Orange. Floss Gloss colours 95% Angel and Neon Nacho.

4. Fave celebrity look of the week: Zendaya is quickly becoming a style icon (if she wasn’t already) and has managed to transition successfully with heaps of swag from Disney channel actress into an established grown-up actress. I love the simple purple dress paired with the matching lipstick for her shoot for Paper magazine. It’s very different from the last Paper shoot I saw…*cough* break the internet *cough*.


Image from papermag.com

5. News of the week:


#DonatellaForGivenchy – Something fantastically strange might be happening…Donatella may be the now face of Givenchy. It’s weird, but I love it. Two juggernaught fashion labels coming together *hyperventilates*…

6. Makeup look of the week: Jasmine Sanders is killing with the brown lip – lip inspo.

Image from @golden_barbie’s Instagram account.


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