Weekly Round Up – 15/05/15

1. Song of the week:  Ryda (feat. Dej Loaf) – The Game. Dej Loaf’s voice + The Game’s husky voice = a very pleasurable listening experience.

2. TV Series of the week: Grace & Frankie – one of the newest Netflix original series and it’s hilarious. Never before watching this have I wanted to be a 70 yr old woman but Jane Fonda’s character is so f***ing fabulous (she’s also on every type of prescription drug going). It’s about two women whose husbands announce they’re leaving them…for each other (the husbands are gay). The only downside is that I watched it all in one day and I need another series!

Image from @graceandfrankie’s instagram account

3. Nail Colour: Nude & Neon Orange.

4. Fave celebrity look of the week: Karlie Kloss killing it on the red carpet in Cannes, in this amazing Versace number. The colours are amazing, I’m dying over the exposure and paired with such a simple make up look and classic pump, this is Versace done well.


Image from @versace_official’s instagram account.



5. News of the week:

#Cannes –  it’s beginning!

#RiRiForDior – our badgal is the new face of Dior and their new campaign was shot at Versailles, how very…Versailles of them…


6. Fave make up look of the week: Samantha Ravndahl… of BatALash Beauty kills this extremely difficult look to pull off. She manages to not make a neon eye look over done or too much, and she makes me want to try it (though I feel this might not go as smoothly from my end). Also, check out those flicks, I’m having MAJOR flick envy *throws head back in adoration*.


Image from @ssssamanthaa’s instagram account.


Image from @ssssamanthaa’s instagram account.


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