Bag Charming

Bag Charms are like the cute little posse that roll with you everywhere. There they go, swinging and bobbing along with your every move, taking your accessory game to a new level, enjoying the ride and sharing your experiences from the unwelcome leery cat-calls from the repulsive middle aged builders to the jealous looks boring an imaginary hole through that killer outfit you’re wearing.

Bag Charms

Bag Charms

Your bag charms are there to see it all. However, there are a few rules that you shouldn’t break when it comes to bag charms:

1. Your bag charms should be a contrasting colour to your bag.

Do not hang a black fur Pom Pom on a black bag – what’s the point? Your poor little bag charm will disappear into the folds of your bag and fall apart due to the lack of attention she’s receiving (this bag charm was a girl).

2. You should have more than one bag charm.

They are social little inanimate creatures and they get lonely and sad if they’re hanging all alone from the hardware on your bag. So get him some friends, they don’t have to be identical, we don’t discriminate, even better get him a weird looking little fellow bag charm just to spice things up.

3. Love your bag charms.

Treat them nicely, make sure they’re clean and looked after and “accidentally” kick the person who trapped your bag charm on public transport (the murderer, trying to suffocate poor Lemon…yes that’s the name of one of my bag charms…THIS IS A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE!).
The good thing about bag charms is that they look good on both big and tiny bags – on tiny bags they’re so novelty overtaking the actual bag but it looks so cute and kawaii. All my bag charms are fur (sorry PETA) but that’s just me, some people like tastles or key rings or baby scarves or even tiny bags (you can see that here).


Double Fox Fur Pom Poms in Forest Green and Mustard with Initials (The Twinz): Hockley

Lime Green Rabbit Fur Pom Pom (Lemon): Etsy

Karlito with Yellow Hair and Pink Mohawk (Baby Karl): Fendi, available at Far Fetch


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