Best Resort ’16 Collections

So, since we are between official show seasons (SS/AW), the Resort collections (previously known as Cruise) for 2016 are one of the few things giving me life at the moment. Of the resort collections I’ve seen, there’s a handful that stand out to me and make me want to sell a number of organs in order for them to be a part of my wardrobe. As you should know by now, I was born with a Versace Baby dummy in my mouth and therefore will steadfastly always be a fan of Donatella, Gianni, their talent and the general fabulousness of the family. So, naturally, the Versace Resort ’16 collection is everything right now. It’s my favourite Resort collection and it’s amazing.

Ok so here’s the part where I give you a bit of a run down of my favourite Resort collections for next year and my personal favourite pieces from the shows. Oh, and take note of the jackets/coats, because they are incredible. I hope you’re seated comfortably…

Best Resort ’16 Collections

1. Versace

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Well, well, well, how Versace still manages to surprise is beyond me. The collection is fabulous. I’m dying over the neon lime and burnt orange, they’re the colours of a carrot injected with LSD and I love them. First of all, who must I sleep with to get this trench? Second of all, I hate sliders, I feel as though they should be treated like crocs- worn indoors and only in your own company so that no one actually knows that you own them. BUT these sliders are the bomb *throws head back in adoration* *tantrum emoji*. The folded clutch is life, the block colours are giving me a reason to live and the outline of the Medusa head on the organza/chiffon sweater is genius. I’m fan-girling and I’m about to be issued with a restraining order. The collection speaks for itself, so whilst I’m hyperventilating over here, revel in how young and current and fabulous this collection is. Plus, that dress…UGH (in a good way).

2. Balenciaga

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Ok this collection manages to be sexy whilst being full length and loose-fitting, which takes a true stroke of talent. The peplum jacket is simple but classic and powerful, even with the wide ruffle. The drapery is next level – it’s subtle and creates an insane silhouette. Snaps for Mr Wang *snaps*.


3. Chanel

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Chanel did their Resort show in Seoul so it’s super kawaii with the bubblegum hues, cutesy school-girl Mary Janes and the double buns, but where I think the collection excels is on the jacket front. Karl is killing it with the jackets from this show. Oversized, but not engulfing, jackets with rounded shoulders are a huge thing for Resort ’16. Of course the classic Little Black Jacket is a bucket list wardrobe item but the Chanel jackets are on a whole new, different level for Resort and I’m a fan. In particular, the cobalt bomber-type jacket is causing me to turn to petty theft in order to save up for it…lol jk. It is hot tho.

4. Dior

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Taking the classic Dior hourglass shape and making it young and accessible is why Raf was a perfect choice to be the creative designer. Each one of these Resort looks can be worn day in day out with so much ease – trapesing down hot city streets in the summer, exploring on a beach holiday, to drinks, to your the birthday get-together of your ex (who you claim you’re on good terms with) which you have only attended to plant the seed of jealousy. Don’t talk to me about the shoes though, that’s the only let down of the collection (they look like the tip of a witch’s hat)…

5. Fendi

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Lets just take a moment to dwell on the majesty that is this blue and white hooded coat. I need it. It’s beyond beautiful and a little hip hop too, which is a combination I’m always striving to find. Fendi’s tailoring for Resort is on point and they’ve managed to slay with the accessories too. Interesting that the resort hues are much darker than the aforementioned collections, but it works and the jackets/coats are giving me sleepless nights…


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