BET Awards 2015 Best & Worst Dressed

Wow. I am honestly confused and baffled by the fact that most stylists, whose sole job is to make someone look like fire, who were employed by those who attended this year’s BET Awards are still in a job. I’m super sad right now. I’m super sad because even I, little old me with no formal fashion or styling qualifications, could have done a better job than those who are trained and paid to do so.

There was one stand out winner on the red carpet this year with a couple highly commended, everyone else’s outfits were mediocre or straight up horrendous.

Disclaimer: I might be a little harsh on the Worst Dressed people, this doesn’t mean I don’t like their music or them as people (quite the  contrary, unless stated otherwise), I’m just being super critical of their outfit choices and heavily implying they should find new stylists. Also this is purely the BET Red Carpet, not the press room or performance outfits.

Lemme give you a quick run down…

BET Best Dressed (in order)

1. Zendaya

This girl is 18, and she killed the red carpet – leaving it bloody and life-less.  The styling was next level, the Swarovski shirt dress was age appropriate but still super fashion forward and was paired perfectly with those platforms. I hope everyone else was embarrassed that an 18 year old slayed them. Kill it girl.

2. Rihanna

When one feels like there is little hope left in red carpet styling, one can always count on Rihanna (no matter how late she is that she misses the red carpet) to restore our fashion faith. Here is the true, original bad bitch in a gold blazer and matching shorts keeping it lowkey with simple black sandals (I think Manolo Blahnik but I could be wrong).

3. Ciara

So this look was pretty cool, the hair/make up was matched super well to the dress so that the resulting look wasn’t over-the-top. It was simple, embellished and beautiful.

Worth A Mention

Amber Rose & Blac Chyna

I truly love the concept here – Amber and Chyna decided to attend this year’s BET awards as each other’s dates to celebrate marriage equality. Love it. I also love the fact that they both went in white suits. Could the tailoring have been better? Yes. Could the shoe choice have been better? Yes. But the concept was there and it was amazing to see marriage equality support on an award show red carpet. *snaps for Amber & Chy*

BET Worst Dressed (in no particular order)

1. Serayah

This outfit reminded me of the hanging chain curtains of a local fish and chip shop, and in that fish and chip shop is where that chain curtain should stay. No one asks to take the curtain home to make their BET awards dress.

2. Nicki Minaj

Oh Nicki, what happened!? You’re one of my faves, why have you made me put you in this category? This Morticia Adams- looking black lace dress was just such an anti-climax. Fair enough, The Minaj did redeem herself in the press room but red carpet-wise, this was so sad.

3. Dej Loaf

This dress has no idea what it wants to be, I’m not even sure a trained professional made this dress – it has multiple personality disorder.

4. Kendrick Lamar

Who invited the Hunchback of Notre Dame? That is all.

5. Christina Milian

What is happening here? I tried to pick an era of fashion that this must have come from and I’ve decided that I think this jumpsuit was inspired by Elvis’ famous white sparkly outfit, but this turned out much worse and isn’t even iconic. Why are there weird little mirrors on it? Why are the trousers too long? WHY AM I NOT A STYLIST?

6. 2 Chainz

2 Chainz looks like a tramp that stations himself in the Beverly Hills area and so is donated the cast offs from rich teenagers. He looks like he dressed himself blind, and purely picked by the items by texture. I’m so sorry for this outfit.

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