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It’s “summer” (you’re not convincing me, English weather) which means that bronzing should be a priority – above meeting friends, getting into work early and food.

Is it worth the extra time in the morning taken to contour? Is your highlight game going to really make a difference? Will any one even notice your new sun-kissed glow? My answer: Of course, because once your contour and glow game is strong, life is on the up.

Disclaimer: I make bronzing a priority all year round, it shouldn’t just be the summer that I look like an ethereal goddess *hair flip*.

Lunch with Friends:

“Sorry I’m so late guys”

“Omg your contour is amazing! How do you do it!? Tell me everything!”

Did everyone just forget that you were so late that everyone is onto dessert? Yes, your glow game is that strong.

A little late into work (little, because I’m not about to have you lose your job over contouring):

“Sorry I’m a little late, I’ll stay later tonight”

Boss thinks: “my gosh, what’s happened to her face? She looks like her face has been chiselled by the finest Roman sculptors or by the Angels themselves…”


Buying beauty products over food:

You may be living off of 12p packets of noodles and tap water but jeez do you look like you belong in a St Tropez advert, all glowing and shimmering like that. Tell me your secret, I’ll have what you’re having, have you had work done, is that Thin Lizzy you’re wearing? I don’t know your nose could be that shape, and I didn’t know your cheeks were ever so slightly hollow creating an exceptional contour. How have I only just realised this? You’re prettier than I am…ok maybe just a little bit less, but that’s still a huge compliment. #PrettyGang

Brush on some bronzer, create your perfect contour, swipe on some highlight and hair flip your way to glory. These babies below will help you do just that, thank me later.

1. Bronzers

You may not have had the sun beating down on you 365 days a year, you may not be blessed with the caramel glow of a Puerto Rican goddess but bronzers have the ability to make you look like you were born with an aura of deliciousness. Just make sure you apply your bronzer in the right areas: heavier in the hollows of your cheeks and around that area, your nose, along your temples, your hairline and jaw, then a light dusting over your whole face for consistency. Also, make sure you get the right colour – I have experienced the mistake of getting a bronzer too dark and looking like I’ve been rolling in dirt…so, don’t do that.

2. Contouring

Personally, I think it works better to contour after you’ve gone ahead and secreted your bronzer base, this is the part when you Kim K-West yourself and break Instagram with your fire selfie. Swipe your darker colour just above your natural hollows then blend it out, your lighter colours should be used under the eyes and just above your cheek contouring to intensify. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the boss when it comes to contour kits, and she’s just released a cream version – it’s up to personal preference as to which kind you work best with.


3. Highlighters

They should not be overlooked or forgotten, highlighters are the sprinkles of fairy dust that will make heads turn as you strut through life. Those subtle swipes of iridescent powder give your skin a perfect heavenly look…as in, you look like you just graced us with your presence. And bitch, you did. To be stroked onto your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your Cupid’s bow.



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