OOTD: Bipolar Dressing

Relating to two poles or extremities

Bipolar dressing is like a thing. If you don’t know what bipolar dressing is, it’s when you merge two styles of dressing into a hot, next level outfit. There’s no boundaries to which styles can be merged, for example:

  • Goth + Florals = Dark Romance
  • Barbie + Hip Hop = Nicki Minaj
  • Preppy + Tomboy = Private School Boy
  • Boho + Rock Chick = Coachella Chic

Below are examples of my latest dressing of the bipolar variety. It doesn’t have to be obvious that your top screams Britney circa 1999 and your crotchless chaps scream Christina in her Xtina phase. It can be as simple as the top half of my outfit screaming CEO-chic or cold-hearted power bitch and the bottom half whispering “I can’t get over my childhood (I think skater skirts are childish, but in a good way…sometimes), plus it’s summer and I love a good wedge”. Bipolar dressing is super easy, super chic and oh So Versailles (obvs).


You can define your bipolar-ness very obviously or mix your chosen styles more seamlessly with (for example) lucite bracelets to add to your minimal monochrome outfit to harajuku your look or high tops with your otherwise preppy outfit, the combinations are endless.

Background song: 100$ Bill – Jay Z (The Great Gatsby Soundtrack)

OOTD Details:

Jacket: Versace Jeans
Shirt: Vivienne Westwood
Skirt: DKNY
Wedges: Stuart Weitzman


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 23.03.58

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