OOTD: Monochromatic Mania

Black and White are lovers. I don’t know if you know this yet but they’ve been together for ageeesss now, I’m surprised we didn’t all realise it sooner. Anyway, apart from the fact that Black and White, although complete opposites, are a match made in heaven, dare I say it, they can get a little monotonous can’t they? They can feel a little unoriginal, restricted…like their marriage needs a little spice and mystery (White’s seen a little too much of Black to leave much to the imagination).


How did the combination get monotonous? Zebras aren’t monotonous, they’re fun and swagged out and people with questionable taste have replica rugs of them. So, if monochrome makes you excited, in order to look more like a monochrome maven and less like a unit of wilting corporate machine output, you’ve got to play round with textures, make it a little casual and don’t disregard your make up to bring some colour or sparkle. Take the monochrome concept and marry it (much like Black and White themselves, I think their date is 17th August, but I’ll have to check my diary to confirm), do not divorce the concept until you take your clothes off to sleep that night.

In the look you’re about to see, I married waxed jeans with leather wedges, a cotton shirt and a crepe jacket to create a wonderful menagerie of textures that retracts the look from being monotonous and predictable. The half un-tucked shirt, and the fact that the shirt hangs lower than the cropped jacket adds a casual side to the look too, which makes it a little more exciting.

Background song for this look: Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

OOTD Details

Jacket: Versace Jeans Jacket

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Belt: Hermes

Jeans: 3X1, available at ShopBop

Shoes: Balenciaga, available at Matches Fashion

Toe Nail Colour: OPIMy Gecko Does Tricks



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