Travel Essentials: Prep & Tech

I’m off to the land of buttery pastries and the word “chic”. The land of garlicky snails and the home of Chanel, though unfortunately this time I’m not in Paris for pleasure or to swan along to L’Avenue for lunch – I’m here for work purposes. But, as with all trips, one must prep both physically and mentally. I’ll leave you to the mental stuff but I’m about to show you some of my essentials for prepping physically for all travels and a couple of tech extras that I can’t leave behind.

Travel Essentials: Paris Prep & Tech

Prep Essentials

The weight of the world and everyday struggles such as foul smells emanating from the mouths and armpits of strangers on the morning commute or the stress of deciding whether or not to tell that random girl that her skirt is tucked into her tights makes our skill dull and tired (poor skin, aww). So, to prepare skin for travelling trauma and to get glowing like the sun bunny we all want to be, I take the following steps.


1. The Body Shop – Virgin Mojito Body Scrub, £15. Available in stores.

This scrub is from the newest range at the Body Shop and smells like the Caribbean and drunken decisions (a Mojito). It’s rough enough to get rid of all the dullness but gentle enough so that you don’t feel as though you’re scrubbing away your body tissue. You feel refreshed and silky smooth afterwards.

2. The Body Shop – Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil, £9
Slather this all over your body for soft, silky delicious-smelling limbs. Body oils lock in moisture and will have you feeling low-key sexy on your travels.

3. Starskin Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff, £7. Available at in store at Selfridges.
I use this puff to look somewhat bright and alive and not as though I’ve been punched in the face or have just attended a fancy dress party as a raccoon. It erases all evidence of how heroin-chic you were looking last night…

4. Masker Aide “Weather Warrior” Mask, £5. 
Follow up exfoliation with a hydrating mask to penetrate (lol), smooth the skin and get an ethereal glow whilst traveling and look fly as hell when you touch down.

5. DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips, £7.95 for 6 pairs. 
The skin under your eyes is super skinny compared to the rest of your skin, so it needs some extra love so that you don’t look like you’ve overdosed. DHC is a cult Asian brand and for good reason – these eye strips are amazing.

6. Smashbox Primer Water, £20.
Honestly, the best primer ever. It’s a necessity….A GOOD PRIMER IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. Make up goes on so much easier after applying this, it’s like the water has been filtered through the the hands of chubby baby angels.


Tech Essentials

1. Beats Solo Wireless Headphones, £269
I have seen the light and I refuse to turn back. I don’t need to tell you about the Beats sound quality – I know you know it’s like Snoop or Pharrell or whoever is whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Pharrell has whispered sweet nothings to me…but that’s between Pharrell and I. Wireless life is wonderful.

2. Anker External Battery, £9.99. Available at Amazon.
iPhone batteries dies faster than fish out of water, so in the meantime, this little gold fellow has my back.


Bonus essential:


Pashmina by Kenzo, £135

It’s always a little chilly on planes/trains etc. even though your destination may be sweltering so a wrap or pashmina is always a good shout to avoid the chills and fiddling with the air conditioning nozzles (you know the bitches I mean). This pashmina is by Kenzo (obvs) and is super fun and the almost denim colours go with everything. It also scrunches down small to stow away easily.

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