Weekly Round Up: 19/06/15

1. Song of the week: 3500 (feat. Future & 2 Chainz) – Travi$ Scott
Also, Pay Me – Veronica Vega is hilarious, listen to it. Rumours are it’s the new “My Neck, My Back”, so that’s the type of song it is.

2. TV Series of the week: SPOILER ALERT OITNB!

So basically, if you don’t know, the new season of Orange Is The New Black came out and it blew my mind. Hands down one of the best series out there at the moment in terms of both character development and story line. I’m obsessed. Why has Piper become so much of a lowkey gang bitch!? What the hell happens to Alex!? How did Boo and Pensatucky forge this strange but wonderful friendship!? Do Crazy Eyes and her admirer become a thing!? WHY DID THEY GET RID OF STELLA, SHE WAS FANTASTIC!? WHY DID THEY GET RID OF NICKY!? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE PRISON!? Breathe, Cassie.

Ok, obviously I’m getting huge withdrawals from the series so I hope they’re already shooting the next one, I can’t wait another year…I’ll combust.


Image from @oitnb’s instagram account

3. Nails of the week: Lavender & Lime

The pastel for spring (Lavender) and the neon for summer (Lime) – killing the transition.

4. Celebrity look of the week:
Ok, ok, so Lady Gaga hasn’t been making headlines recently for her ‘crazy’ outfits because there haven’t really been any…The Gags have calmed down a bit visually. Now, I love The Gags so she can do whatever she wants and I’m gonna be here staning for her. But I love this fishnet crystal dress, it’s a bit like Rihanna’s infamous Swarovski gown but less naked, shorter, more understated and with a couple of glittery nipple covers thrown in. This glorious bitch paired the look with a super classy up-do and diamonds dripping from her lobes. *snaps for Gaga*

Image from @ladygaga’s instagram account

5. Make Up look of the week:

I’m a fan of the absent use of waterline eye liner, it’s a make up trend that I’ve jumped on. Though, to be fair, mine is because the only waterline eyeliner that works for me and is black enough and doesn’t shift all day, Hourglass’ Gel Mechanical Eye Liner, is sold out wherever I go to get it, so I’ve temporarily given up. Anyway, Ky-Jen is here showing it in its beautiful simplicity. Recreate it, just don’t think if you over-line your lips they’ll look like hers…you’ll need Restylane for that.

Image from @kyliejenner’s instagram account

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