Weekly Round Up 26/06/15

1. Song of the week: Make That Sh*t Work (feat. Juicy J) – T-Pain

2. TV Series/Movie of the week: So, as I mentioned in last week’s round up I’m getting withdrawals from Orange Is The New Black. In case you think you may be suffering from similar troubles and just so everyone knows the signs to look out for, OITNB withdrawals look like the following:

  • Getting overly excited when the mention of OITNB arises
  • Humming the theme tune whilst undertaking mundane tasks
  • Dreaming about the characters
  • You begin to notice that you’ve started to adopt some of the characters’ characteristics e.g. Alex Vause’s smirk and sarcasm, Stella’s body confidence (not that she has much to worry about) or maybe you’ve started calling everyone Dandelion a la Crazy Eyes/Suzanne.

Anyway, I decided the best way to cure my addiction to OITNB is to re-watch the whole series again, so I’m in the process of that.

Image from @oitnb’s instagram account

3. Nail colour of the week: Mermaid Tail

Azure by Chanel. Summer metallics are so it right now *licks lips*

4. News of the week:

#CongratsKimYe – KimYe are having a boy *heart eyes emoji*

#DonatellaForGivenchy – Donatella became the face of FW15/16 Givenchy campaign. Controversial, I love it.


5. Celebrity look of the week: Gigi Hadid

Purely for the jacket, look at it. It’s fire, ugh *throws head back in adoration and cries a little*….where can I get one? It looks like it might be PVC/Latex-y and I love the cut outs in her name, I’m dying over the hashtag. Killing it. I feel like her skirt is a bit questionable but whatever, I’ll let her have this one because that jacket is giving me life.

Image from @gigihadid’s instagram account


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