NYC Diary: Day 1 & OOTN

So I made it to NYC, after a seven and a half hour plane ride upon which I sedated myself and watched Get Hard and Home (odd combo, I know). Following a frustratingly slow SUV ride from south side Jamaica Queens to Midtown and being told the room wasn’t yet ready I was stranded in my travel clothes with my dishevelled hair. So I decided to venture to the street that would offer me comfort and possibly a confused “hello?” After casting it’s eyes on my sticky-eyed appearance, something akin to roadkill or a possum with mange…fifth avenue. After telling myself that I wouldn’t shop on the first day, I swiftly massacred that promise and ladened with bags I dragged my (almost) lifeless body to CVS.

Ok, so I have a thing for US drugstores. I don’t know what it is. It’s probably a heady mix of artificial flavourings, stronger pain killers, medication for every ailment, drugstore beauty brands and gummy vitamins that turn me into a monster as I drag my rolly basket around with me. Anyway, long story short, I came out more dishevelled than I was going in (yes, that was possible).
That evening I had dinner with friends at Alfredos 100. I had the classic fettuccine Alfredo because I physically cannot turn down the magical concoction of butter, cream and Parmesan – I was in bliss as I felt the sauce clog my arteries. Btw if you’re ever in NYC, go to Alfredos 100 and order the Alfredo sauce because you’ll cry with delight that you did.
After some wandering around Times Square, and a cab ride we ended up at Joes Pizza. This is pizza like you’ve never had pizza before: the base is thin and floppy, the sauce subtly tangy, and the cheese stringy and comforting…it’s heaven. There’s super limited seating and even then it’s bar stools, you dine on paper plates and it’s up to you to shake on your chilli flakes and salt. Joes Pizza is beautiful and I would do terrible terrible things to get pizza like this back home…terrible *whispers* illegal things…
Anyway, onto my OOTN, we all know I love a good skater skirt and wedges are simply a must come the summer months. These super comfy wedges complete with metallic orange lightening flashes were wonderfully appropriate for dinner but equally as casual and fun for galavanting.
Apologies for the terrible quality of the pictures…so not Versailles, I was in a rush…soz.


OOTD Details

Top: Wolford
Skirt: Kenzo
Jacket: Versace Jeans

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  1. August 5, 2015 / 9:47 pm

    So lovely meeting you tonight! I adore New York, looks like you had fun – the food out there is SO GOOD!


    • Cassie2102
      August 5, 2015 / 9:48 pm

      I miss the food the most 😩 lets do something soon! Xxx

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