NYC Diary: Day 3 OOTD & OOTN

Day three didn’t exactly start off well. I decided I wanted to have something ‘typically American’ for breakfast…so I went to Wendy’s. In short, it was straight up terrible. In long, I would have preferred a sloth to have taken my order as it would have been faster and more pleasant, the order I received was wrong (ugh) and it tasted horrendous. Also, how are potato wedges a suitable side for a breakfast dish!? Why I just didn’t go next door to the familiar Golden Arches, I don’t know. That’s the last time I decide to be spontaneous with my food choices on an empty stomach. At least a sausage and egg Mcmuffin is the same at every McDonald’s. Anyway, it was only up from there…or down…whichever is better. So I visited my old friend 5th Ave again as I made my way from Bergdorf’s to Rockefeller centre.

Top of The Rock View
I think we all know that New York City has one of the most beautiful and iconic skylines in the world, and I wanted to make sure I saw it again…and to photograph the evidence. But I also wanted the Empire State Building to be in the evidence (obvs) so I went to Top of The Rock to get sick views of the city on a glorious day.
I had married myself to a safari chic look for dinner at Strip House (not a strip club, settle down) and I’m kind of in love with it. I’m also kind of in love with Strip House too – if you love steak you have to eat here…then thank me later. The super lovely waiter made us try the bacon starter and it was far beyond anything labelled as “bacon” that I have ever eaten before. It was next level. It was the 2Pac of steak restaurants…phenomenal.

OOTD Details

Top: Kenzo

Skirt: Gap

Sneakers: Louboutin


OOTN Details

Shirt: Uniqlo

Belt: Hermes

Ring: Versace

Shorts: Gap

Phone Case: Vianel New York

Shoes: Barbara Bui


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