Summer Essentials

It’s here! The season of fun, sun and sand in crevices you never knew existed. Summer is upon us and whether you’re off to the Bahamas or Benidorm, whether you’re having a staycation or you’re running around being stupid climbing mountains and stuff, below is a sure-fire list of my approved summer products, so you know they’re So Versailles. They’re the products you’ll swear by if you want to look like a glowy, ethereal, super hot stylish goddess. If you don’t want to look like that angel I just described then not only are you on the wrong blog but you need to re-think your priorities in life, because everyone knows your looks get you everywhere….lol.

Summer Essentials

Primer & Setting Spray

A primer is key for the sweaty months ahead. You want to make sure you can apply your face paint evenly and effectively as possible such as to look airbrushed (the dream). The Smashbox Primer Water is so good that I’m beginning to think it’s been filtered through the tiny fat hands of baby cherubs…it’s that good. The Urban Decay All Nighter Spray is like insurance for your make up…it’s not going anywhere.


If you’re new here or you haven’t been paying any attention to my beauty posts – highlighters are a necessity! A vital component in the extensive (and expensive) tool kit that makes my face look somewhat human and like blood runs through my veins. Of all of the highlighters Becca’s Opal is, for lack of a better phrase, the sh*t.

Guerlain Terracotta Spray

This skinny little Guerlain can of gloriousness will leave your face with a subtle, even glow that JLO would be jealous of. So before you get that glow naturally from the sun, this baby will help you fake it ’till you make it.

MAC cheeky bronze

A bronzer or a blush? It’s kinda both. Dual-purpose products are a summer life saver and this mineralize skin finish gives a rose gold aura to your face.

A Shimmer cream

The aim of summer body prep is to look as much like a Victoria’s Secret model as humanly possible for yourself. One measure you can take to look heaven-sent is using a bronzing shimmer cream. Supermodel body by Charlotte Tilbury will have you looking goddess-like and supernatural (in a good way, not in an phone home kind of way) with a few rolls of this contraption. I’ll leave it up to you to grow to 6ft tall and bag T-Swift as your bestie.

Easy Eye

Let’s be honest, no one can be arsed to master the art of the cut crease in the summer only to sweat it off and be left with a weird uneven smokey eye by midday. Liquid eyeshadows cut your eye make-up time in half but make it look like you spent twice as long – they are super easy to apply and have super long staying power. The YSL Full Metal eyeshadows and Armani Eye Fluids are my faves.


Even if you wear nothing else on your eyes this summer, mascara is key. The name of this bad boy gives it away. Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex mascara ended my years-long quest to find the perfect mascara – they make your lashes look ridiculously false…and isn’t that the point…?

OGX Argan Oil

Everyone knows about Argan Oil so I won’t bore you, but this one by OGX gives my hair so much life (literally) and makes me look like I belong in a hair ad…it’s true, I wont even try to be modest about it.

Metallic Nail Polish

If neon isn’t your thing and you’re at a loss with what to do with your talons, metallics are always a safe bet in the summer and give an incredible effect. Louboutin saw this coming and came out with the best goddam metallic nail polishes I’ve ever come across…in my life. The Scarabée collection is killing me right now.

A ring big enough to sink a small ship.

The easiest piece of jewellery you can wear this summer that will still blind unsuspecting passers by and make a statement. The bigger the better – a boulder of a ring will upgrade your outfit instantaneously bring a little Versailles to your summer look. If you want to go for a unique jewelry piece, check out Jess jewelers to see what they can design and create for you to make your look shine this summer.


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