Travel Essentials & Playlist: NYC Edition 

I’m off to NYC (yay!) to revel in the delights of the Big Apple – to wander around Central Park, eat dirty greasy pizza and single-handedly keep CVS in business (I have an irrational love for American drugstores).


I’m gonna start this off by disclaiming that I cannot (and will not) travel bare-faced. Call it whatever you’d like, insecurity, whatever, it’s a non-negotiable and it’s not happening. I’m being honest here. So I’m not one of those smart people who put on face masks on their plane journey so they look all collagen-infused once they step off the jumbo. I mostly stick to heavy-duty, “I’m not moving for a 8 hour flight and will look exactly the same when you hop off at your destination without you rattling around the airport toilet attempting to apply mascara” kinda make up.
However, I appreciate that you guys may well be much smarter than I am so, if I was that person who actually decided to look after their skin 30,000ft up in the air here is the baby I’d use. Laniege Water Pack injects moisture into your air-strangled skin whilst you’re surfing the clouds.
For those of you who are like me, I’m taking a mini version of Make Up Forever’s Mist & Fix which will leave my skin feeling refreshed and keep my make up in place throughout the flight.

Comfort Items

Neck Noodle

This is a recent obsession of mine. I wear my neck noodle all the time…when I’m tidying my room, or making dinner or sleeping, so why the hell wouldn’t I take my noodle on a long haul trip with me!? This one from Muji is my absolute fave, now I just need to name him…? Suggestions are welcome below.

Book: White Girl Problems by Babe Walker

This is the part where I’m supposed to suggest a super intellectual book about philosophy or a book that actually carries literary weight, right? Well, my absolute fave book, the only book I can happily read more than once, is White Girl Problems by Babe Walker. Now, even though I’m not entirely a “White Girl”, and although Babe Walker may be a fictional character, not only is she an inspiration of mine (like, no joke), but also my long lost un-related sister. This book is pure genius and I totally get where she comes from that time she mauls Barneys and ends up in rehab.


Now, as long as planes have been in existence you’d think they’d have figured out how to control the cabin temperature ’cause it’s always a lil’ chilly in there. Here’s where a wrap comes in, and I’m not talking about some middle-aged-enjoys-gardening woman wrap but like a cool one, like the one I’ve got (not that I’m saying I’m cool or anything…). Alternatives include cardigans, cashmere hoodies, ok fine, any hoodie and blankies…if you’re 5.


You will be needing comfy shoes to take you from take off to landing and wrestling with your luggage blister-less. Now, as much as it would be great to wear heels on the craft, toppling over on the way to the bathroom and smiling through the burning pain as you hoist your luggage off of the conveyor belt, let’s be honest here, no paparazzi is waiting for you (not yet at least) so let’s take advantage of this liberty and wear shoes that are easily slipped off for those pesky security machines and don’t make you want to end yourself on the flight. Now I’m wearing these, and contrary to popular belief they are comfy, also you didn’t expect any less from me did you!?

Getting Around…

City Mapper (App)

If you don’t know about City Mapper then you better download it now. Like, right now, whilst you’re reading this…I’m watching you. Its a God-send, you put your from and to location and it will calculate all the ways you can get to your destination and include the time and price of every option. It’s amazing and it covers loads of cities, so unless you’re going to some far-flung corner of the globe, City Mapper will probably cover the city you’re travelling to.

Pop Up Map

Ok so I’m a tad old fashioned in that I like to have a physical map with me in case something pops off with my internet/phone. But I don’t want some sort of broad sheet-looking ordinance survey map that I could find shelter in should times get hard, so I like these tiny little pop up maps. (App)

If you still enjoy the comfort of your ariel transmitting device then allows you to download your city map and then you can access it offline.

NYC Playlist

1. 679 (feat. Remy Boyz) – Fetty Wap *praise Lord emoji*

2. TTU (Too Turnt Up) [feat. Waka Flocka Flame] – Flosstradamus

3. Ryda (feat. Dej Loaf) – The Game

4. Again – Fetty Wap

5. 3500 (feat. Future & 2 Chainz) – Travi$ Scott

6. Freak of the Week (feat. Jeremih) – Krept & Konan

7. We Dem Boyz – Wiz Khalifa

8. The Hills – The Weeknd

9. Drop That Kitty (feat. Charli XCX & Tinashe) – Ty Dolla $ign

10. Doctor Pepper – Diplo


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